The name of this booster club shall be IMMANUEL ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB, herein referred to as IAB.


The IAB will operate as an arm of the Immanuel Lutheran High School Athletic Department under the non-profit tax exempt status of Immanuel Lutheran High School and College. The mailing address for the IAB shall be the same as that for Immanuel Lutheran High School in Eau Claire, WI..


The IAB exists to:

  • Provide financial assistance to assist in non-budgeted aspects of the athletic programs.
  • Provide volunteer labor to assist in project implementation that would otherwise require contracting costs to accomplish.

The Booster Club shall not interfere in any way with the planning, policy, participation, or coaching of any organized athletic activity within the ILHS Athletic Program.


The IAB will not initiate its own projects. IAB will depend on ILHS to provide a list of approved, proposed projects to which IAB can consider lending physical or financial assistance to the degree it deems feasible. The IAB shall report on its web site an updated list of completed projects, both for information as well as accounting purposes.


The IAB shall operated under an Executive Committee of no less than three individuals who will fill the offices of IAB President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Committee shall be subject to ratification by the ILHS Athletic Director and ILHS/ILC President. The Executive Committee members shall determine the particular officer role of each member.
Upon resignation of a board member(s) the remaining member(s) shall seek a replacement(s) in order to maintain the required quorum of three (3) officers on the IAB Executive Committee. In the event all IAB Executive Committee positions are vacant, the responsibility for finding replacement officers will be that of ILHS. The IAB can operate with less than the requisite three (3) officers for no more than six (6) months, after which all operations shall revert to ILHS until such time the requisite complement of three (3) officers is re-established.


The IAB will accept free will donations and may organize work for pay efforts (e.g. Eau Claire Country Music Jam work group effort) where 100% of the money earned is directed to the IAB.
The IAB will not seek or engage in active solicitation of donations from outside corporate sources.
The IAB will not accept designated contributions except for projects on the approved projects list provided to the IAB by Immanuel Lutheran High School.
Contributions to the IAB through donations and/or work efforts shall be deposited in a separate account maintained by Immanuel Lutheran High School and College and shall be distributed by the ILC Financial officer at the direction of the IAB. IAB will provide an annual report of revenue and disbursements on its website.


Participation in the IAB shall not entitle or vest any participant with any property rights or rights having monetary value of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to, property rights or monetary rights in the school or in the association.

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